Because of Love, Driving to Lansdale

By Dr. Sherry Jones–

I am not a suburban driver. I am a city driver, but love overcame my reluctance. Because of love, early one Sunday morning I drove out to Renew Community in Lansdale, PA,. Because of love, Renew Community Church members are gracious supporters of my ministry in the city. Because of love, the car I was driving was a gift from the church two years ago. The most refreshing thing about their love is the support they have shown and a desire to develop a vital relationship with me.

On that Sunday, I shared with the congregation a recent spiritual struggle I encountered earlier in the year. Many know I have been working in the area of racial reconciliation/healing. I was being called to stop people pleasing as a means to accommodating each ethnic group. Speaking the truth in love must be the goal if we are God’s image bearers. In comparison to knowing Jesus Christ my culture, ethnicity, religious affiliation, and my spiritual experiences are rubbish. Like my brother Apostle Paul in Philippians 3, I want to know Jesus Christ, in and through the power of his resurrection, fellowship of his suffering, and be made conformable to his death. It is in this crucified life that love flows for my brothers and sisters without reservations. It is also in the crucified life racial reconciliation must be practiced in loving kindness and tender mercies. I drove for love.