Ministry and Staff News

  • Hopes and Dreams for the Community
    By Dr. Sherry Jones — Last week in our praying for the intersections of several gun violence actions, we met with two community leaders. Ms. Angie and Mr. Ray both have decades of living in Kensington. They serve as block captains. They love their neighborhood and serve with great love and bravery. We talked about their […]
  • Looking to Equip a New Generation
    By Dr. Sherry Jones — I met some of my former students from CUTS at some recent ministry events. One is a well known Bishop over several churches. We have been friends for many years. Another is now Executive Director of the Dell Music Center. I have such fond memories of both these students and […]
  • A Peacemaker, not a Peacekeeper
    By Dr. Sherry Jones — Jesus said “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” (Matt. 5:9). We were stationed to pray in four different areas where 4 or more murders have happen. We were there and police presence was noticeable. We met with street captains and a young minister […]
  • Let Transformation Begin with Me
    By Dr. Sherry Jones — I came early to the Philadelphia Gospel Movement event. I had the opportunity to sit and talk with a former student, now a bishop, about the meeting. We reminisced about past times when those involved in urban ministry would meet to discuss how to fix the city. We had seen […]
  • 92 ° and Street Prayer
    By Dr. Sherry Jones — It was 92 degrees that day, but I couldn’t miss our time to pray near Broad and Olney Ave. I had the opportunity to pray with a Philadelphia legend, Mother Mary Campbell. If you have interacted with city-wide  prayer groups or National Day of Prayer then you have met Mrs. […]
  • God Delights in Every Step of Our Growth
    By Dr. Sherry Jones — I was just sitting down for my first mug of coffee and my cell phone rings;  it was one of the women I disciple. She was so excited about reading the story of David. This was a milestone moment. Previously she was unable to read scripture because of how a […]
  • Street Outreach Leads to Training Opportunity
    By Dr. Sherry Jones — Rising Sun and Adams Ave is an insane driving experience on any day, but on a Saturday afternoon it is a very dangerous intersection. I was invited to participate in a gospel outreach right in the middle of it all. We stationed ourselves on the busy corner of the shopping […]
  • Called to Be a Peacemaker in Urban Ministry
    Join us in welcoming Dr. Sherry Jones a new season in her urban ministry journey. After 25 years in Christian Higher Education she is returning being a Peacemaker in front-line urban ministry under CityNet Ministries. Covid-19 may create unique challenges but it can’t stop God when He is on the move. In obedience to a […]
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  • Every Level of Leadership
    Leaders are found in marriages, families, businesses, government, churches and communities. Leadership needs to be developed at every level. CityNet Ministries offers a variety of opportunities to be equipped with biblical principles. Men’s Ministry disciples and challenges men to live responsibly for Christ through one-on-one mentoring and interactive small groups.  Personal accountability, sacrificial love, and obedience to […]
  • The World at Our Doorstep
    CityNet Ministries models and equips churches to be missional toward their neighbors from other countries, cultures and religions where it is difficult for the gospel to go.  When the world is on our doorstep, it is no longer necessary to travel great distances to “make disciples of all nations.”
  • Every man, woman and child
    The Gospel is for every man, woman and child. In metropolitan Philadelphia, every man, woman and child need to hear, see, and touch the gospel of Jesus Christ. CITYNET MINISTRIES’ vision is to see God ignite a movement in the city that demonstrates the reality and power of the gospel to everyone, for His glory […]
  • City-Wide Transformation
    CityNet Ministries fulfills its mission using a three-pronged approach of Networking, Training, and Resourcing. Networking promotes unity and mutual encouragement among ministry leaders. Training fosters the development of urban ministry leader. Resource sharing increases the impact any one church or ministry has in the city.
  • Collaborative Solutions
    CityNet Ministries’ brokers partnerships between urban churches, as well as with suburban churches, to help identify practical needs and collaborative solutions. It is about churches and communities caring holistically for one another around Philadelphia. Resources are far more than material possessions.  Resources include time, talents and the sharing of Christ’s love both in word and deed.  It […]
  • LAMPhilly
    Through cohort learning groups, LAMPhilly, is preparing Urban Ministry Leaders for Gospel-Driven Communities in and around the City of Philadelphia.  It is designed to be accessible financially, educationally and logistically to those already involved in ministry and hold full-time jobs.  Men and women from every level of leadership will benefit from this distinctly  urban and missional […]