Sometimes You Just Want to Say to God, Give Us a Break.

By Dr. Sherry Jones — The Labor Day weekend caused a sadness in our hearts as we met to plan our week of praying in the city streets. So many murders and so many shootings occurred.

So we searched the scriptures that would inform our prayer time. We lifted up our voices in worship and gave heartfelt praise and thanksgiving to our Father God. We prayed for families, friends, those wounded, the police officers, and ourselves. We prayed for and end to the overwhelming violence and lawlessness.

We then prayed for the nation and the global community. We prayed in faith and trust in our sovereign God, whom knows our frailty and limitations. We sought Him and Him alone to encourage us, touch us, and heal us. We ended with praying for the body of Christ to preach and live out loud the Gospel of Christ so many may be saved.

And then we rejoiced some more in our gracious and merciful God and Lord.