Hoping for a Change

By Dr. Sherry Jones–

Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity called a meeting to introduce the new Superintendent of Philadelphia School District, Dr. Tony B. Watlington, Jr. After a heavy breakfast there was time to share with Dr. Watlington what we saw that the school district does well and what the district needs to do better. As expected we wanted to speak more about what the district needs to improve.

Dr Watlington shared his dreams for the district and what he understands as the areas that need much improvement. It was a great exchange of suggestions and ideas. In the audience were pastors, leaders of various ecclesiastical conferences, former judges, principals, teachers, and current state and city political officials.

The meeting ended with promised support from Black Clergy to be involved in supporting Dr. Watlington and staff. What has to happen to see all students receive an excellent and marketable education will take families, clergy, congregations, social agencies, and the marketplace. We must pray that Dr. Watlington has great success and support to reach the district goals.