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Collaborative Solutions

CityNet Ministries’ brokers partnerships between urban churches, as well as with suburban churches, to help identify practical needs and collaborative solutions. It is about churches and communities caring holistically for one another around Philadelphia.

Resources are far more than material possessions.  Resources include time, talents and the sharing of Christ’s love both in word and deed.  It is beyond the ability of any one church or organization to respond to all the social, economic, and spiritual needs of the city.  Collectively we can make a difference.

Training Stories


Through cohort learning groups, LAMPhilly, is preparing Urban Ministry Leaders for Gospel-Driven Communities in and around the City of Philadelphia.  It is designed to be accessible financially, educationally and logistically to those already involved in ministry and hold full-time jobs.  Men and women from every level of leadership will benefit from this distinctly  urban and missional approach.

One and Two-Year Certificates in Leadership and Ministry Preparation are offered.  Mentors are assigned and meet regularly with students.  Successful completion of a Certificate may lead to advanced placement in seminary degree programs.  Scholarships request considered.

Cohort Learning

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