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Every Level of Leadership

Leaders are found in marriages, families, businesses, government, churches and communities. Leadership needs to be developed at every level. CityNet Ministries offers a variety of opportunities to be equipped with biblical principles.

Men’s Ministry disciples and challenges men to live responsibly for Christ through one-on-one mentoring and interactive small groups.  Personal accountability, sacrificial love, and obedience to His Word are emphasized.  The goal is to see the Spirit enable men to imitate Christ in every relationship.

Schools of Discipleship explore the difference between “making Christians” and what it meant to Jesus to  “make disciples”.  The four hour format is easy to schedule on a Saturday so that pastors, church leaders and anyone with a disciple’s heart can benefit.

Disciple Making Movement Training focuses on intentional and reproducible patterns of disciple making.  Biblical text are examined to understand the concepts of Shema Lifestyle, Person of Peace and Discovery Bible Study.  The basic six-session is designed to prepare participants to apply disciple making practices upon completion.

LAMP Philly is leadership and ministry preparation for the busy urban church leader.  Readings, classwork, mentoring and internships are all a part of the program that is reasonable priced making it financially accessible.  It is offered at strategic locations and times in the city making it logistically accessible. The material is relevant to the urban context and academically challenging, but no prior degree is required making it educationally accessible.  Many students are accepted to seminary programs upon completion.

Training Stories

The World at Our Doorstep

CityNet Ministries models and equips churches to be missional toward their neighbors from other countries, cultures and religions where it is difficult for the gospel to go.  When the world is on our doorstep, it is no longer necessary to travel great distances to “make disciples of all nations.”


City-Wide Transformation

CityNet Ministries fulfills its mission using a three-pronged approach of Networking, Training, and Resourcing.

  • Networking promotes unity and mutual encouragement among ministry leaders.
  • Training fosters the development of urban ministry leader.
  • Resource sharing increases the impact any one church or ministry has in the city.
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Collaborative Solutions

CityNet Ministries’ brokers partnerships between urban churches, as well as with suburban churches, to help identify practical needs and collaborative solutions. It is about churches and communities caring holistically for one another around Philadelphia.

Resources are far more than material possessions.  Resources include time, talents and the sharing of Christ’s love both in word and deed.  It is beyond the ability of any one church or organization to respond to all the social, economic, and spiritual needs of the city.  Collectively we can make a difference.

Training Stories


Through cohort learning groups, LAMPhilly, is preparing Urban Ministry Leaders for Gospel-Driven Communities in and around the City of Philadelphia.  It is designed to be accessible financially, educationally and logistically to those already involved in ministry and hold full-time jobs.  Men and women from every level of leadership will benefit from this distinctly  urban and missional approach.

One and Two-Year Certificates in Leadership and Ministry Preparation are offered.  Mentors are assigned and meet regularly with students.  Successful completion of a Certificate may lead to advanced placement in seminary degree programs.  Scholarships request considered.

Cohort Learning

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